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  Another nice script worth trying: Official site stats extender © [info]vkv.
that is a userscript for FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome.

0.9.10 version is supported.

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How do I find the file? Click "browse" button above, in the open file dialog window type %APPDATA% as the filename, then press 'open'. Then go to folder, and then to WorldOfTanks, and finally to dossier_cache subfolder. Choose the most recent file from that folder (if there are more than one file there). That is your dossier cache to analyze.

Premium tanks in the "to kill" list are printed in italics. They are not needed to get the Master Tanker achievement.

Known bugs:

a. Average frags per battle field sometimes does not get sorted correctly. Simply sort the table on any other field and then back on frag avg. That should produce correct sorting.
b. Sometimes there are no tanks not in italics to be killed, but Master Tanker achievement is still missing in player's profile. That is a bug on the WorldOfTanks database server, which has occured upon releasing version 0.6.5. Hope they will fix it with 0.6.6 patch. they did not fix it.

Change log:

2014-11-04: The service now works with 0.9.4 caches correctly. Happy tanking!
This page is not updated that much frequently, but the base scripts usually are.

2013-08-06: The service now works with 0.8.7 caches correctly. Please report bugs to my email, or LiveJournal, or Twitter. Happy tanking!
2013-07-26: 0.8.7 update for this service will be available after July, 30th. I am very sorry for this inconvenience and delay.
2013-04-18: Added tanks from 0.8.5 version. 2013-01-17: Added tanks from 0.8.3 version. 2012-07-12: Added tanks from 0.8.2 version. 2012-11-12: Added national flags in "to kill" section, thanks to [info]silentheal. Also premium tanks are more clearly divided from regular ones in the same section.
2012-11-02: Added tanks from 0.8.1 version, recently released on EU and RU clusters. 2012-07-31: Added tanks from 0.7.5 version, which is released on russian cluster.
2012-06-14: Added tanks from 0.7.4 version, which is released today on russian cluster
2012-05-03: Added tanks from 0.7.3 version, which is released today on russian cluster
2011-12-12: Added experimental code to support caches both from versions 0.6.7 and 0.7.0. Please report bug to my e-mail (see below).
2011-12-09: The scripts have been updated to support client version 0.7.0
2011-09-10: Tank list is updated to 0.6.7 version of game client
2011-08-19: Fixed incorrect output for "time alive" field in cases when that time is less than 1 hour. Credits go to Juuba (Juubacca)
2011-06-29: Updated scripts to support version 0.6.5 of game client.
2011-06-22: The table is now sortable, click on arrows right under the table header.


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